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In the United States, criminal records are generally considered public information, albeit with certain exceptions. For example, juvenile records are often kept from the general public. Furthermore, certain states have laws limiting access to these records depending on the situation.
Nevertheless, these records are offered to the public; they are invaluable when identifying somebody’s Aurora criminal history. Internet searches are usually the go-to technique to discover these records.

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Local Sources Of Aurora Il Criminal Records

Aurora Police Department
1200 E Indian Trail Rd, Aurora, IL 60505
Phone: (630) 256-5000
FOIA Requests

Circuit Court (Felony, Misdemeanor, Juvenile, Traffic, Ordinances)
540 S Randall Rd St Charles, IL 60174
Web Search
Public Terminal Onsite – Yes

Kane County Sheriff’s Office (KCSO)
37W755 IL-38 suite a, St. Charles, IL 60175
Phone: (630) 232-6840
Detainee Search
Record Options
Civil/Warrants Division
Sex Offenders

Aurora Branch Court
1200 E. Indian Trail Road Aurora, IL 60505
Phone: (630) 892-3221
Traffic Division

Aurora Court Records

Court records are a perfect resource for Aurora criminal records. Depending upon the location of the court, these records can be looked up either online or in-person.
Search this way might be time-consuming, so diligence is key. First, identify the court where the crime occurred, and when you have this information, you can call the court to request gain access.

Aurora Police Records

To perform a comprehensive criminal record check in Aurora IL, obtaining police records is another strategy. These records can reveal considerable info about someone’s past, both criminal and civil.
There are several options to obtain these records. You can contact the local police where the person resides, contact the state police, or even connect with the Federal Bureau of Investigation for federal cases.

Report On Arrests

You can carry out arrest report searches online or offline, each with benefits and drawbacks. Offline searches can be performed at the local Aurora courthouse and tend to be more detailed. On the other hand, online searches can be performed from the convenience of your home on private websites and are typically quicker.

Inmate Details

Public records in Aurora IL, consisting of inmate records, can generally be accessed by anyone who requests them. Nevertheless, access to inmate records might be restricted depending on state laws. For these records, the interested party should contact the state Department of Corrections or the county sheriff in the area where the inmate was detained.

Criminal Record Types:


A Aurora infraction, a violation of the law, is deemed less severe than a misdemeanor. Infractions generally result in penalties but not jail time, whereas misdemeanors can lead to imprisonment.


Aurora misdemeanors incorporate common crimes, with more than 10 million such arrests happening yearly. These offenses range from minor offenses like traffic violations and minor theft to more serious ones like DUI or domestic violence. Misdemeanors can result in jail sentences, a fine, or both.

Aurora Felony Records

Information on felonies is generally public. To obtain a copy of a felony conviction record, you can contact your local Aurora court clerk. You can request copies online or in person if the records are public.
Accessing felony records can be challenging if you are attempting to do so from various states, as each state has its own rules concerning access to criminal records and databases.

Registry of Aurora Sexual Offenders

These registries in Aurora IL, typically public records and available online, list the names, addresses, and offenses of convicted sex offenders.

Records Of Aurora Dui and Dwi

In Aurora IL a DUI (Driving Under the Influence) is classified as a felony if harm is done or if it’s a repeat offender. Such convictions can surface in a criminal background check, possibly affecting an individual’s opportunities. DUI convictions can result in jail time, suspension of driving license, or substantial fines.

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