Chicago Background Check

Chicago Background Check

Power Search Using a Database Used By Millions.

Save Time… With This All In One Database.

View Records From Area’s Outside the State of Illinois.

Chicago background checks could be as targeted and as detailed as needed, and being aware of the best databases to use guarantees the best results. This good search typically starts with a nationwide look into someone’s past and uses any hits as pointers to local databases for more details. To make sure you have the best people in your life. It’s wise to perform a background check.

Click Here To See Illinois Statewide Background Check Resources.
Click Here To See Cook County Background Check Resources.

Chicago Background Check Resources.

Circuit Court – Criminal (Felony)
2650 S California Ave Court Bldg, 5th Fl, Rm 526 Chicago, IL 60608
Web –
Public Terminal Onsite – Yes

Circuit Court – Civil (Civil Action under $30,000, Small Claims)
50 W Washington St, Rm 601 Chicago, IL 60602
Web –
Public Terminal Onsite – Yes

Chicago Police Department
3510 South Michigan Avenue Chicago, IL 60653
(312) 746-6000
Adult Arrest Records (Jail Inmates) –
Sex Offender Database – Link
Gun Offender Database Search – Link
Police Records – Link
Background Investigation – Link


Conducting Chicago Criminal Background Checks

A criminal history is the most requested record on just about any background check. This check may research national, state, federal, and county criminal court databases to report information regarding a person’s criminal background.

Offender Data Exploration

Any time somebody is arrested, a series of events follows. The authorities must follow specific legal proceedings and right after the actual arrest process to adhere to constitutional rights. An arrest occurs when the police officer takes you into custody. It is completed when anyone (as a suspect) can no longer walk away from the arresting officers.

When arrested, you’ll be booked. During this portion of the arrest process, Chicago law enforcement asks for essential details about yourself (including your residence and dob) and fingerprint and photograph you.

Free Chicago Background Check Lookup On The Internet

Public records in Chicago contain professional permits, criminal records, court records, and so on. Using public records, most people can perform a background check for free.

Chicago Police and Sheriff Resources For Background Verifying

The Chicago Police maintain crime, police arrest, and traffic accident records. Researchers can acquire copies of these documents from the Police Records Division.

Different Kinds Of Background Checks

National Criminal Record Locator
A search is conducted utilizing a person’s name. This search accesses millions of criminal records attained from the county and state courts.

Statewide or County
Criminal records have to be examined in the persons’ jurisdiction. Records may be investigated via statewide databases, county/superior courts, and lower municipal courts.

Criminal History – Federal
Federal criminal records will be checked via the U.S. District Court in the person’s federal jurisdiction.

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