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Public Chicago criminal records can be valuable when determining whether an individual has a history of a felony, particularly when considering dealing with them or building any type of relationship.
By analyzing these records, you can make informed decisions about these interactions. Furthermore, examining an individual’s criminal record can be helpful when working with people, ensuring they have no convictions for violent or sexual offenses.

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Local Sources Of Chicago Il Criminal Records

Chicago Police Department
1160 N Larrabee St, Chicago, IL 60610
Phone: (312) 746-6000
Most Wanted
Public Records Release

Circuit Court – Criminal (Felony)
2650 S California Ave Court Bldg, 5th Fl, Rm 526 Chicago, IL 60608
Web Search
Public Terminal Onsite – Yes

Cook County Sheriff Police (CCSO)
1401 Maybrook Dr, Maywood, IL 60153
Phone: (708) 865-4700
Individual in Custody Locator
Records Request Center
Sex Offender Search

Chicago Municipal Court
50 W Washington St, Chicago, IL 60602
Phone: (312) 603-6000
Traffic Division

Chicago Court Records

For Chicago criminal background checks, a vital tool is the search of court records. These records are the backbone of criminal history checks. It should be recognized that court records are considered public information, indicating they are accessible to anyone who adheres to the right request procedures.

Chicago Police Records

Each state has laws governing access to police records; sometimes, a sheriff or Chicago police website may permit you to request records online, and in other cases, you might need to do it in person.

Report On Arrests

Arrest records include information such as the charged offense, Chicago jail location, date, and location of the arrest. As public records, anybody can request them, albeit with certain restrictions concerning access to specific types of arrest records.

Inmate Details

Inmate records can also help identify Chicago criminal history; you can contact the county jail or the state department of corrections for information on inmates in their custody.

Criminal Record Types:


Chicago infractions, small offenses normally punishable by fines or other penalties, typically involve traffic violations.


The effect of a Chicago misdemeanor offense on an individual’s background check can vary based on the nature of the offense. For instance, a misdemeanor charge for shoplifting may have a lower effect than an assault or battery charge.

Chicago Felony Records

If you’re interested in identifying whether someone has a Chicago felony on their record, there are numerous ways. While the fastest way might be to ask the individual directly, it’s not practical.
Checking public records is your best alternative. You can either go to the county courthouse and request copies of criminal records or search for them online if they offer a database, as many courthouses now provide online access to their records.

Registry of Chicago Sexual Offenders

Considering that sex offenders present a significant danger to society, particularly to vulnerable people and children, it is crucial to examine the criminal records of people before letting them get near children.
A simple internet search can reveal if someone has engaged in sex crimes and was convicted in Chicago IL.

Records Of Chicago Dui and Dwi

A Chicago DUI (Driving Under the Influence) conviction will likely appear on a criminal record check, as most states consider it a major criminal activity.
The intensity of the offense and the time since it took place can affect the impact of the record. For instance, a DUI arrest may not be deemed a serious offense if there was no final conviction or it occurred in the distant past.

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