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Cook County inmate records are information about inmates within a prison or jail. Inmate names, inmate numbers, race, gender, and offenses can all be found in these records. This information can help law enforcement and corrections personnel make informed decisions regarding inmate housing, transfer, and release. Researchers may also be able to access the records of inmates to determine trends in crime, sentencing, and other information.

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Cook County Resources.

Cook County Sheriff’s Office (CCSO Inmate Search)
3026 S. California Ave Chicago, Illinois 60608
(312) 603-6444
Individual in Custody Locator
Records Request Center
Corrections (CCDOC)

Circuit Court – Criminal (Felony)
2650 S California Ave Court Bldg, 5th Fl, Rm 526 Chicago, IL 60608
Web –
Public Terminal Onsite – Yes

CCDOC Main Facility
50 W Washington St, Chicago, IL 60602

CCDOC Division 3 Annex
2800 S. Sacramento Ave, Chicago, IL 60608
773 674-4894

Division 6
2801 S. Sacramento Ave Chicago, IL 60608
773 674-5336

Division 9
2834 W. 31st Street Chicago, IL 60608
773 674-2295

Division 10
2950 S. California Chicago, IL 60608
773 674-7640

Division 11
3015 S. California Blvd Chicago, IL 60608
773 674- 3722

Division 16
773 674-7159

Juvenile Temporary Detention Center
1100 South Hamilton Ave, Chicago, IL 60612

Crossroads Adult Transition Center
3210 W Arthington St, Chicago, IL 60624

North Lawndale Adult Transition Center
2839 W Fillmore, Chicago, IL 60624
(773) 638-8480

MCC Chicago (Federal)
71 W Van Buren St, Chicago, IL 60605

Youth Center – Chicago
100 N. Western Ave Chicago, IL  60612

Cook County Jail Inmate Search Online

Cook County inmate search engines are readily available online and provide a simple way to locate an inmate. All you need is the name of the person in question and the state they are incarcerated. The search engine will return a results list with the offender’s name, race, age, and sex.
You can also use the search engine to find inmates by their booking or case numbers. If you know the specific county where an inmate is being held, you can narrow your search to only that county’s records. Finally, some states allow you to search for inmates by their mugshots. This can be useful if you only have a physical description of the person you are looking for.

Illinois State Prison VS Cook County Jail

Most people aren’t familiar with the difference between state prison and county jails. Essentially, it boils down to the length of stay and type of offense. State prisons are reserved for those convicted of serious crimes and sentenced to serve more than a year. On the other hand, county jails are designed to hold inmates for shorter periods—usually no more than a year—and typically house those convicted of less serious offenses. There are also federal prisons, which are run by the federal government and usually house inmates who have been convicted of federal crimes.

Illinois Prison Inmate Search

There are many ways to find someone inside prison. You can search the site of either the state or federal Bureau of Prisons. A search online for the person you are looking for may also work. Finally, you could contact the prison directly. Be aware that prisons are not required to release any information about inmates. Private investigators may be needed if you have trouble finding someone in prison.

Cook County Jail Inmate Search

There are several ways to determine if a friend, family member, or loved one was taken into custody and sent to jail in Cook County. First, contact the police in the city or town where the arrest occurred. Ask them if they have any information about the person in question. Contact the county sheriff’s department if the police department cannot assist. You may be able to find out more about the inmates they have custody of. You can also search online for jail inmate search tools. These tools can prove very useful in finding an inmate.

Cook County Mugshots

You can typically view a Cook County mugshot from an inmate by visiting the sheriff’s website. If you cannot find the mugshot online, you should contact the office asking for it. You may need to include the name and booking numbers of the inmate.

Cook County Jail Log

There are several ways to locate jail logs. You can contact the sheriff or police department of the county in which the arrest was made. These agencies often have an online database with arrest records and logs. You can also request public records to obtain this information. You can visit your county courthouse or call the clerk’s office. Lastly, certain counties make their jail logs available online.

Cook County Jail Roster

Although Cook County jail rosters are public information, some details are not made available to the public. This information includes information about prisoners currently in custody but not yet charged with a crime.

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