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A person’s criminal background, as well as their present and previous incarcerations, are listed in inmate records. If someone has engaged in any unlawful behavior, this information can help you discover it, and, if they have been imprisoned, it can also help you locate them in Kankakee County IL.

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Kankakee County Resources.

Kankakee County Sheriff’s Office (KCSO Inmate Search)
3000 Justice Wy, Kankakee, IL 60901
(815) 933-3324
Inmate Search
Detention Division

Circuit Court (Felony, Misdemeanor, Civil, Eviction, Small Claims, Probate, Family, Juvenile, Traffic, Ordinances)
450 E Court St Kankakee, IL 60901
Public Terminal Onsite – Yes

Jerome Combs Detention Center
3050 S Justice Way, Kankakee, IL 60901

Kankakee County Inmate Search Online

There are many websites that offer Kankakee County inmate search databases of detainees and imprisoned inmates from jails and prisons across the country. You can find inmate records by entering the person’s name and search criteria of a database provided.
The record can include the person’s present location, charges, and punishment. You will be able to keep tabs on the whereabouts and present conditions of your loved ones, as well as their status.
You should be aware that not all inmate records can be found online. When it comes to who can access these records and how they can be useful, some jurisdictions have tougher regulations. If the internet search does not turn up the relevant inmate record, you might need to get in touch with the prison or jail to get the information you require.

Illinois State Prison VS Kankakee County Jail

State prisons are operated by the government, but county jails are run by local governments. More serious offenders normally reside in Illinois prisons, while those awaiting trial frequently reside in county jails. If found guilty of more serious charges, convicts confined in Kankakee County jails may occasionally be moved to state prisons. Which facility an offender is allowed to stay in will depend on the type of crime they committed and their criminal history.

Illinois Prison Inmate Search

A few tools are available to assist you in finding a Illinois prisoner. The first choice is to make a direct call to the prison. The procedure for answering inquiries concerning detainees varies depending on the prison. In order to learn more about the prison where the inmate is being kept, you will need to contact the facility or visit its website.

Kankakee County Jail Inmate Search

You’ll learn a few methods for finding someone in a Kankakee County jail. You should use the jail website to look up inmates by name. Alternatively, you can call the jail to get information from them.

Kankakee County Jail Mugshots

The best approach to view an inmate’s booking photo in Kankakee County is to get in touch with your neighborhood police or sheriff’s office and request a copy of the image. However, bear in mind that not all counties permit common citizens to view mugshots online.
If you are unable to locate the detainee’s booking photo, you may need to contact the jail where the detainee is being housed and request a copy of the image from their files.

Kankakee County Jail Log

The sheriff’s department maintains Kankakee County jail logs. They provide information about inmates who have been detained and then freed. Inmate names, release dates, and booking dates are frequently recorded in jail logs. In rare cases, these documents might also contain an image of the inmate.

Kankakee County Jail Roster

To obtain a copy in Kankakee County IL, contact your local sheriff or county clerk. You can find this information online by searching public records.

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