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In the United States, criminal records are regarded as public information and offered in both online and offline formats.
However, it is important to understand that not all criminal records are public. Some might seal or expunge certain records, and juvenile criminal offenses are not revealed.
Moreover, given that criminal records are created by local and state agencies, a central government repository does not exist, which can result in incomplete or unreliable records if only checked in one jurisdiction.

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Local Sources Of LaSalle County Il Criminal Records

Circuit Court – Criminal (Felony, Misdemeanor, Traffic)
707 Etna Rd, Rm 141 Ottawa, IL 61360
Web Search
Public Terminal Onsite – Yes

Lasalle County Sheriff’s Office (LCSO)
707 E Etna Rd, Ottawa, IL 61350
Phone: (815) 433-2161
Inmate Search
Sex Offender Registry

La Salle Police Department
745 2nd St, La Salle, IL 61301
Phone: (815) 223-2131
FOIA/Public Records

LaSalle County Court Records

Court records are among the best resources for uncovering an individual’s LaSalle County criminal history. They provide insights into criminal convictions and can be accessed by checking the courthouse and requesting records from the clerk or looking for them online if the clerk provides a database. Additionally, the PACER (Public Access to Court Electronic Records) system can access federal court records.

LaSalle County Police Records

Police records vary from criminal records in several ways. LaSalle County police records typically only contain arrest and situational information, whereas criminal records contain misdemeanors and felonies processed in court.
Even though criminal records are public information, police records might not always be publicly accessible. Still, both kinds of records can contain information useful for criminal histories.

Report On Arrests

Arrest records can be useful for a LaSalle County criminal history check, but verifying arrest records with the court is crucial for checking the end result.

Inmate Details

Inmate records in LaSalle County IL provide comprehensive information, consisting of the inmate’s name, number, birth date, race, gender, conviction, and sentence. They can likewise signify whether an inmate is presently jailed or has been released.

Criminal Record Types:


A LaSalle County infraction refers to an offense of a rule or law, typically small criminal offenses like traffic violations or parking tickets.


While LaSalle County misdemeanors are less serious than felonies, they can still render jail time, fines, or a criminal conviction and may be considered major.

Felony Records

LaSalle County felony records are public and can be accessed by anybody. However, exceptions exist. For example, records of juvenile criminal activities won’t be public, and certain state laws allow felony records to be sealed or expunged. To access somebody’s felony record, you can contact the clerk in the county where the conviction occurred.

Registry of LaSalle County Sexual Offenders

To determine the presence of sex offenders in LaSalle County, you can inspect your state’s sex offender registry, which is typically accessible online, or consult your local police or sheriff.

Records Of LaSalle County Dui and Dwi

There are numerous LaSalle County DUI charges one might deal with. The standard DUI charge occurs when your blood alcohol content (BAC) exceeds the legal limit, potentially resulting in fines, jail time, and license suspension.

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