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It is crucial to monitor detainees to make sure they are completing their sentences in full. Within a correctional facility, records are kept on each inmate. The name, ID number, crime committed, sentencing information, etc. of the inmate may be found in these records. The general public can collaborate with them to look up people in Madison County IL.

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Neighboring Counties: St Clair

Madison County Resources.

Madison County Sheriff Department (MCSD Inmate Search)
405 Randle St, Edwardsville, IL 62025
(618) 692-6087
Jail Division
Main Website

Civil/Misdemeanor Division (Misdemeanor)
155 N Main St, #120 Edwardsville, IL 62025
Public Terminal Onsite – Yes

Felony Division
509 Ramey St Edwardsville, IL 62025
Public Terminal Onsite – Yes

Madison County Jail
405 Randle St, Edwardsville, IL 62025

Juvenile Detention
100 West Fifth Ave, Edwardsville, IL 62025

Madison County Inmate Search Online

People frequently look for inmate records online to learn more about a specific person. They might be interested in learning when someone was arrested or sent to prison. Whatever the cause, you’ll learn a few ways to look for these records when doing a Madison County inmate search.
Using a government website is one option. The majority of websites let you conduct searches using an inmate’s name, birthdate, and other identifying details.
However, not all official websites provide this feature. You can also look for inmate records on a private website specializing in them.

Illinois State Prison VS Madison County Jail

The population they house is one of the biggest distinctions between prisons and county jails. Illinois prisons are often only used to detain people who have been found guilty of crimes, while county jails usually house people who are either in custody pending trial or who have been found guilty of misdemeanors.
Another distinction is that, whereas Madison County jails are normally managed by the sheriff’s department, state and federal governments typically administer prisons.

Illinois Prison Inmate Search

Using the government’s offender search tool, it is simple to locate someone in a federal or Illinois state prison. This service allows members of the public to look up inmates by name and birthdate.
To learn more about the individual you’re looking for, click on their names. The details comprise their age, the offense for which they were found guilty, the duration of their sentence, and the dates of their release.

Madison County Jail Inmate Search

Inmates in Madison County jails are typically detained for less time than those in federal or state prisons, making interaction with them simpler and more practical. The simplest approach to locating an inmate is to get in touch with the jail directly. Everyone has access to county jail public records.

Madison County Jail Mugshots

Criminals who have been detained and imprisoned can be located and identified using their Madison County mugshots. Additionally, they can divulge details on the offender’s appearance, criminal background, and any aliases they may have used. Mugshots can be a useful tool for law enforcement, media outlets, and regular people.

Madison County Jail Log

Madison County jail logs can be used by the general public to locate a person or to obtain additional details about a specific offense. All of the inmates are listed in a jail log. Their name, bail information, book number, charges, and booking number are all listed on it. The information is freely accessible to the general public and is available upon request for research.

Madison County Jail Roster

For a complete copy of the Madison County jail roster, get in touch with the county courts or the sheriff’s office in your neighborhood. The alternate method is to use several websites that provide public records to find this information online.

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