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There are numerous reasons one may want to access Peoria criminal records. Some individuals might just be wondering about the criminal past of somebody they know.
For personal security, individuals dating somebody they met online may examine their criminal records to make sure they have no history of sexual offenses.

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Local Sources Of Peoria Il Criminal Records

Peoria Police Department
600 SW Adams St, Peoria, IL 61602
Phone: (309) 673-4521
Freedom of Information Requests

Circuit Court (Felony, Misdemeanor, Civil, Eviction, Small Claims, Probate, Family, Juvenile, Traffic, Ordinances)
324 Main St, Rm G-22 Peoria, IL 61602
Web Search
Public Terminal Onsite – Yes

Peoria County Sheriff’s Office (PCSO)
301 N Maxwell Rd, Peoria, IL 61604
Phone: (309) 697-8515
Jail Records
Warrant Search
Sex Offenders

Peoria Traffic Division
324 Main Street Peoria, IL 61602
Ph: 309-672-6000

Peoria Court Records

In Peoria IL, court records are normally public, meaning anyone can access them. Nevertheless, exceptions exist for sealed and expunged records. Sealed records require a court order for viewing and aren’t readily available to the general public.
The local court clerk’s office is the best place to look for court records. While some records are readily available online, not all are, so if you can’t find what you need online, you can request records directly from the clerk’s office.

Peoria Police Records

Peoria police records are categorized as public records, available by anybody who inquires from the appropriate law enforcement agency.

Report On Arrests

To determine if somebody you know has been arrested, you can call the local sheriff or Peoria police department or whoever is running the jail, search for arrest records online, or work with a bond agent. The most trusted method to verify an arrest is to contact the local jail directly, which can supply information about the individual’s custody status and charges.

Inmate Details

Criminal background checks can consist of an assessment of Peoria inmate records. These records can provide valuable information about an individual’s criminal history, including arrests, convictions, and sentences. They can likewise show whether someone is presently incarcerated. Federal, state, and local agencies maintain these records.

Criminal Record Types:


Infractions in Peoria IL are small offenses, punishable by fines or other penalties, but usually not jail time. Examples include traffic violations, public intoxication, and trespassing. Regardless of being less severe than felonies or misdemeanors, multiple infractions can bring about severe penalties, marking an individual as a serial offender.


Typical Peoria misdemeanors include simple assault, minor theft, and public intoxication. These offenses, while less major than felonies, generally lead to fines or jail time. Although misdemeanors aren’t as severe as felonies, they can still have long-lasting ramifications.

Peoria Felony Records

A Peoria felony conviction carries several severe consequences. The most common is jail or prison time, and can substantially affect an individual’s life by making it hard to do certain things.
Additionally, a felony conviction can result in the loss of certain civil liberties, like voting or firearm ownership.

Registry of Peoria Sexual Offenders

Numerous methods exist to determine if somebody has been charged with a sex offense in Peoria IL. You can contact your local sheriff’s department or browse public records online. Each state maintains an online registry searchable by name, and info from other states can be requested.

Records Of Peoria Dui and Dwi

Numerous types of Peoria DUI charges can be brought against an individual. A first offense is the most ordinary DUI. A first-time DUI offender will normally face a fine and maybe jail time. A second-time offender will often deal with harsher penalties, such as a longer sentence in jail and a bigger fine.

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