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Correctional facilities and law enforcement agencies use inmate records to stay informed about inmates. These records contain information on people who have been incarcerated or arrested. They include the inmate’s name, date of birth, mugshot, criminal background, and other information.

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Peoria County Inmate Search
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Peoria Resources.

Peoria Police Department (PPD Inmate Search)
600 SW Adams St, Peoria, IL 61602
(309) 673-4521

Peoria County Sheriff’s Office
301 N Maxwell Rd, Peoria, IL 61604
(309) 697-8515
Jail Records
Jail & Inmate Information

Circuit Court (Felony, Misdemeanor, Civil, Eviction, Small Claims, Probate, Family, Juvenile, Traffic, Ordinances)
324 Main St, Rm G-22 Peoria, IL 61602
Web –
Public Terminal Onsite – Yes

Peoria County Jail
301 North Maxwell Road, Peoria, IL 61604

Juvenile Detention Center
223 North Maxwell Road, Peoria, IL 61604

Peoria Adult Transition Center
607-613 N Main St, Peoria, IL 61602

Peoria Inmate Search Online

The internet is the best place for you to search for Peoria inmate records. Many websites provide searchable databases of all inmates from prisons and jails in the United States. Once you have found a website that allows you to search for inmates, you will need basic information about the person you are trying to find. Usually, you will need the first and final names of the inmate. This information should allow you to locate the inmate’s records quickly.

Illinois State Prison VS County Jail

There are many differences between county jails and state prisons. The most obvious difference is that county jails are reserved for those convicted of serious offenses. On the other hand, county jails are available for those awaiting trial or sentenced to serve a shorter term. County jails can be overcrowded and lead to poor conditions. On the other hand, state prisons are more clean and well managed.

Illinois Prison Inmate Search

You may wonder how to locate a loved one in prison. First, contact the prison where the inmate is held. Every state has its own Department of Corrections website, which can give you contact information and tools for inmate searching. You will need their full name and date of birth to search for an inmate. After finding their name on the list, you can look up their profile. This will give you their address, visiting hours, and other vital information. You may be able to send money or messages through the prison’s website in some cases. It can be challenging to keep in touch with incarcerated loved ones, but it is possible with some effort.

Peoria Jail Inmate Search

A few options are available if you want to locate an inmate in the Peoria jail. It would be best if you first determined where the inmate is. This information is often found on arrest records or other court documents. Once you know the inmate’s location in the county jail, you can contact them directly to request information about finding him. The staff at your county jail will be able to help you reach the correct department or person. An online inmate search tool is another option. These services allow users to search for inmates based on their name, location, and other criteria.

Peoria Mugshots

Peoria mugshots can be used for various purposes, such as helping to locate a missing person, investigating a crime, or identifying a suspect. The media can also use them to help tell a story or businesses screen potential employees. Mugshots are also sometimes used by people simply looking to satisfy their curiosity about what people have been arrested for. Whatever the reason, mugshots are a valuable resource that can provide important information.

Peoria Jail Log

There are several options to help you find someone in Peoria jail logs. You can look up their name in the jail record, which is usually accessible to the public. You can also contact the jail directly for more information about an inmate.

Peoria Jail Roster

Peoria jail rosters provide information about the inmates currently held in a particular facility. This information includes the inmate’s name, booking photographs, charges, and bond information. In some instances, this roster may also have the inmate’s mugshot and release date.

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