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Keeping track of inmates and ensuring they are serving their full sentences is important. Inmate records are kept on each inmate within a correctional facility. These records may include the inmate’s name, ID number, crime committed, sentencing details, etc. The public can also use them to research old friends or family members.

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St. Clair County Resources.

St. Clair County Sheriff’s Department (SCCSD Inmate Search)
700 N. 5th St. Belleville, Il 62220
(618) 277-3505
Jail Inmate Search

Circuit Court (Felony, Misdemeanor, Civil, Eviction, Small Claims, Probate, Family, Juvenile, Traffic, Ordinances)
10 Public Square Belleville, IL 62220
Civil Search
Criminal Search
Public Terminal Onsite – Yes

St. Clair County Jail
700 North 5th St, Belleville, IL 62220

Juvenile Detention Center
9006 Lebanon Road, Belleville, IL 62223

Southwestern Illinois Correctional Center
950 Kingshighway St, East St. Louis, IL 62203

Southwestern Illinois Work Camp
950 Kingshighway St, East St. Louis, IL 62203

St. Clair County Inmate Search Online

People will often do a St. Clair County inmate search online for inmate records to find more information about a specific person. They may want to check if someone is currently in jail or if they know someone who was arrested. There are several ways to search for these records, whatever the reason. One way is using a government site. Most websites allow you to search by the inmate’s name, date and birth, and other identifying data. But, not all government sites offer this service. Searching for inmate records can also be done through a private website specializing in this type.

Illinois State Prison VS St. Clair County Jail

One of the most significant differences between state prisons and county jails is the population that they serve. State prisons are typically reserved for inmates convicted of felonies, while county jails typically house inmates awaiting trial or who have been convicted of misdemeanors. This means that state prisons usually have a higher security level than county jails, as the inmates in state prisons pose a greater risk to the public. In addition, state prisons are usually much larger than county jails, as they are designed to house a bigger number of inmates. As a result, inmates in state prisons typically have less personal space and fewer amenities than those in county jails. Finally, state prisons are run by the state government, while the sheriff’s department typically runs county jails. This can impact the level of resources and staffing that each facility has.

Illinois Prison Inmate Search

It is easy to find someone in a federal or state jail using the government’s offender search tool. You can use this tool to search for inmates by their name and date of birth, race, gender, and age. You can also search for inmates by their ID number. You can search by place if you don’t know the ID number or name of the person you want to find. You can filter your search by state, county, and city. Click on their names to find out more information about the person you’re looking for. The information includes their age, the crime they were convicted for, their sentence length, and release dates.

St. Clair County Jail Inmate Search

St. Clair County jail inmates are usually held for shorter times than federal or state prisoners, making contacting them easier and more convenient. Directly contacting the jail is the best way to find an inmate. If you don’t have the address or phone number, an online search tool can help you locate the inmate. Make sure to include the full name, date of birth, and the county in which they are being held. Public records of county jails are available to anyone. Some counties charge a fee to search their records. Once you locate the records of an inmate, you can search their contact information and current address.

St. Clair County Mugshots

St. Clair County mugshots can help locate and identify criminals who have been arrested and jailed. They can also provide information about the criminal’s appearance, criminal history, and any aliases they may use. Mugshots can be a valuable resource for law enforcement, businesses, and private citizens alike.

St. Clair County Jail Log

You can use St. Clair County jail logs to help find someone you are looking for or learn more about a particular crime. A jail log records all of the inmates currently in jail. It contains their name, bail information, book number, charges, and booking number. The data is publicly available and can be accessed by anyone who requests it.

St. Clair County Jail Roster

You should contact the St. Clair County sheriff’s office in your area or the county courts for a complete copy of the jail roster. You can also find this information online through various websites offering public records. Although there may be an additional fee to obtain a copy, the price will vary depending upon the source.

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