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There are plenty of reasons why regular people might want to pull the Tazewell County criminal records of others. You may consider working with a sitter and want to run a background check. Or maybe you’re wondering if your new neighbor has a dark past. In any case, pulling someone’s criminal record can give you valuable insight into their character. It can also help you protect yourself and your family from potential harm.

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Local Sources Of Tazewell County Il Criminal Records

Circuit Court (Felony, Misdemeanor, Juvenile, Traffic, Ordinances)
342 Court St Pekin, IL 61554
Web Search
Public Terminal Onsite – Yes

Tazewell County Sheriff’s Office (TCSO)
101 S Capitol St, Pekin, IL 61554
Phone: (309) 477-2250
Inmate Lookup
Warrants Lookup
Sex Offenders
Public Fingerprinting

Pekin City Police Department
111 S Capitol St #100, Pekin, IL 61554
Phone: (309) 346-3132
Sex Offender Search

Tazewell County Court Records

You can search court records to determine if someone has any Tazewell County criminal convictions. Although not all criminal acts will be found in court records, such as when a person isn’t charged because of a technical issue, it’s still the best source for criminal information.

Tazewell County Police Records

Police records can be a valuable source of information in Tazewell County IL. These records can be used to find missing persons and investigate crimes. You can also use police records to get background information about individuals’ businesses or properties. Access to police records is limited. Most jurisdictions consider police records confidential and do not allow public access to certain records. To request access to police records, an individual must submit a written request.

Report On Arrests

Arrest records is public information in Tazewell County IL. However, details of an arrest can be difficult to access online. This is because many law enforcement agencies consider arrest data sensitive and won’t keep them online for long, even if they offer an online database for recent arrests.
In some situations, you’ll need to file Freedom of Information Act requests to obtain arrest records.

Inmate Details

Public records of Tazewell County inmates can be a treasure trove of information. Most states make prison inmate records public so anyone can request them and have an internet database to search inmate records.
However, some counties do not have an online database for jail inmates. You must submit a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request in these counties. Inmate records typically include the name book, criminal photo, sentencing details, and release date.

Criminal Record Types:


A Tazewell County infraction refers to a minor offense that is not a felony. They can result in a fine or another penalty but no jail time. They are not considered serious offenses, but some infractions may result in points added to your driving record.


The severity of a Tazewell County misdemeanor may affect its punishment. First, the fine amount will likely be higher for more serious offenses. The second is that the sentence for the misdemeanor could be more severe. The chances of being put on probation or required to complete community work may be higher for severe and violent misdemeanors.

Tazewell County Felony Records

When conducting a Tazewell County criminal record check, it is important to check for felony records connected to an individual’s name. Tazewell County felonies are much more serious than misdemeanors, often leading to much harsher punishments. Therefore it is essential to know if someone has any felony records before dealing with them. Knowing if someone has been convicted of a felony can better assess whether or not they are likely to pose a threat to others.

Registry of Tazewell County Sexual Offenders

A sex offender database is a great tool for monitoring registered sex offenders in Tazewell County IL. The database gives information about registered sexual offenders in your community so you can identify them and take measures to protect yourself.

Records Of Tazewell County Dui and Dwi

While a Tazewell County DUI will be found on a criminal background check if checked for, it’s not a deal breaker for most. Unless it’s a driver-related opportunity or they are looking for someone with a very low-risk tolerance.

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