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A criminal record check is a standard procedure that explores an individual’s Will County criminal past.
A criminal records search discloses an individual’s previous arrests, convictions, or ongoing cases.
Numerous approaches can be utilized to perform this search, including contacting your county courthouse for the individual’s criminal history.

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Local Sources Of Will County Il Criminal Records

Circuit Court (Felony, Misdemeanor, Juvenile, Traffic, Ordinances)
100 W. Jefferson St. Joliet, IL 60432
Web Search
Public Terminal Onsite – Yes

Will County Sheriff’ Office (WCSO)
16911 W Laraway Rd Suite 101, Joliet, IL 60433
Phone: (815) 727-8575
Search Warrants Online
Inmate Inquiry
Records Management
Most Wanted
Sex Offender Registry

Joliet Police Department
150 W Washington St, Joliet, IL 60432
Phone: (815) 724-3100
Records Section

Will County Court Records

A considerable majority of criminal cases in America are adjudicated in state courts, as most criminal offenses are state offenses. However, particular criminal activities that cross state lines or break federal laws can be attempted in both state and federal courts. Accessing all court records can be tough, but a thorough search can expose important information about a person’s criminal past in Will County IL.

Will County Police Records

The Will County police department maintains records of all incidents they respond to, which are public details available upon request.
The most common technique of obtaining police records is by visiting the police or sheriff in person and completing a request form. This procedure requires fundamental information about the event, like the date and location, and may require a small fee.

Report On Arrests

Arrest records in Will County IL, which are public details, can be accessed by anyone. However, bear in mind that not all arrests produce corresponding records; for instance, the police might at first arrest somebody but later decide not to press charges.

Inmate Details

Inmate records are a reliable resource for determining Will County criminal past. You can examine anybody within the United States through public records search sites. Such a search can reveal the person’s convictions, prison time, and possible release date.

Criminal Record Types:


Background checks can look for Will County infractions depending on the check carried out. For instance, a criminal background check can reveal infractions, while a financial background check might reveal insolvencies and foreclosures.


A Will County misdemeanor, less significant than a felony, usually carries a penalty of probation or fine and represents any criminal offense punishable by approximately one year in jail.
In contrast, felonies include criminal offenses leading to prison terms exceeding one year. Definitions of misdemeanors can differ throughout states.

Will County Felony Records

A Will County felony conviction brings serious consequences, including the potential loss of civil rights such as voting or gun ownership, possible employment problems, and prison sentences.
Furthermore, a felony conviction leads to a publicly available criminal record, which might prevent admission to certain housing or loans and hamper potential work opportunities.

Registry of Will County Sexual Offenders

Background checks likewise include a review of the Will County sex offender registry, a vital step to ensure they arent dealing with individuals with a previous history involving sexual misconduct.

Records Of Will County Dui and Dwi

DUI offenses in Will County IL can be classified as either misdemeanors or felonies. Misdemeanor DUI charges normally occur when a driver fails a field sobriety or breathalyzer test. Felony DUI charges occur when the driver initiates a serious accident, leading to injury or death.

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